Widespread Panic’s Jojo Hermann offered a full set of live piano on June 18 for his first of four Shut Up And Play livestreams, and wasted no time, giving fans two new original tunes, live from former bandmate Todd Snider’s Purple Building studio in Nashville.

To start, the keyboardist nodded to his passion for New Orleans – and his own Slim Wednesday band – with an opening take on Professor Longhair’s classic “Tipitina.”

From there, he jammed into Widespread Panic favorites “One Arm Steve” and “Imitation Leather Shoes.”

Hermann’s first of two debuts arrived with a new, wide-spanning composition, “Almost Infinite,” which he said is inspired by the cosmos and the wormholes as seen in the movie Contact.

After a “Big Wolly Mammoth” jam, the keyboardist chuckled, “It’s the first time doing this, and I feel like I’m in my living room. This is typically what I do when I’m down in my basement.”

Hermann’s second new original came after a rockin’ “Ride Me High.” According to Hermann, the new “Blue Parasol” was inspired by a recent stroll through the Nashville Zoo.

The Shut Up And Play livestream ended with a trio of Smiling Assassin’s “Lazy Bum,” Widespread Panic’s “Tall Boy” and a final Professor Longhair favorite “Red Beans.”

Check out the full setlist and watch the full performance below:

JoJo Hermann
June 18, 2020
Shut Up And Play Ep. 1

Purple Building, Nashville

Tipitina> One Arm Steve > Imitation Leather Shoes, Almost Infinite^, Big Wooly Mammoth, Ride Me High, Blue Parasol^, Lazy Bum, Tall Boy, Red Beans

^Live Debut