After an initial announcement that they’d perform at FloydFest 2020, Talking Heads guitarist Jerry Harrison as well as the band’s former collaborator/King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew have announced that they will celebrate 40 years of Remain in Light with Turkuaz.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve toured,” Harrison said in a press statement. “Once I started producing Turkuaz, I started to think. I’d love to play Talking Heads’ songs again. And, Turkuaz is one of few artists that really understand this music. Once Adrian signed on it was clear we could recreate the excitement and joy that was achieved in Talking Heads iconic 1980 Rome concert.”

Harrison produced Turkuaz’s tune “On The Run,” and according to a 2018 interview with, frontman Dave Brandwein gleaned some Talking Heads techniques from the man himself.

“He thought my vocals were too calm or didn’t have a sense of urgency to them, so he asked me to run laps around the studio,” Brandwein chuckled. “I have a hard enough time getting a good take as is, and I didn’t think running around was gonna help very much, but he insisted. And it actually yielded a cool result, this intangible thing, a sense of urgency. He told me that they used to do that on some Talking Heads recordings.”

Turkuaz also recently underwent a makeover, adopting a more mature, muted color palate.

And while FloydFest is the only date on the calendar so far, Belew promises “information about other festival dates” is coming soon.