photo via Cattle Decapitation on Facebook

California-based extreme metal band Cattle Decapitation dropped their eighth studio effort on Nov. 29, featuring narration from none other than Phish drummer Jon Fishman.

News broke of Fishman’s contribution to the record in September, with the band posting a picture of the drummer at one of their shows.

Cattle Decapitation vocalist Travis Ryan said at the time, “Jon is a big fan of the band and we were happy to have him come on board with the narration, as well as a quote off the top of his head that was inspired by the beautiful area he lives in, and recorded under the Maine night sky.”

The narration Ryan is referring to is from “The Unerasable Past,” in which Fishman reflects on the impending doom of climate change. “It has become clear that an enormous operation and policy program to revolutionize agriculture and repair the earth’s ecosystem is immediately needed,” Fishman says, his voice groggy with vocal effects.

Listen to all of Death Atlas and watch a short film for the song “The Unerasable Past” below: