Each Thursday at 8 p.m. PT, Grateful Dead Inc. will open their vault and share never-before-seen concert videos via YouTube in a series dubbed “All The Years Live.”

Today, they’re kicking off the project with a wonderful 10/18/74 “Morning Dew,” recorded live at San Francisco’s Winterland Arena, during the band’s so-called “Farewell Concerts.”

“We are going to start digging into the vault and releasing unreleased Grateful Dead concert videos pretty much song-by-song,” archivist David Lemieux says in an introductory video. “These will be the good-quality, multi-camera video shoots that would have been on the screens at stadiums. So they’ll all be really good. We’re going to do proper transfers. They’ll look, they’ll sound great and they’ll be available here on the Grateful Dead’s official YouTube channel.”

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Watch Lemieux introduce “All The Years Live” and chec out the 10/18/74 “Morning Dew” below: