On a recent episode of his radio show Time Crisis, Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig continued to dive into his appreciation for Twiddle—which the singer-songwriter first explored on the show earlier this year when he and co-host Jake Longstreth dissected the Vermont band’s early fan-favorite “Jamflowman”—by welcoming Twiddle guitarist and singer Mihali Savoulidis for a chat about his music career and more.

After starting the episode by discussing the recently released new music from Vampire Weekend and welcoming producer Ariel Rechtshaid, Koenig gets on the phone with Savoulidis and immediately finds a connection that both musicians grew up not too far from each other in New Jersey. Savoulidis then discusses moving to Vermont for college (though he soon dropped out), but mostly to start a band, which eventually became Twiddle.

After Koenig and Longstreth’s deep-dive into “Jamflowman,” the two were surprised to hear that Savoulidis penned the tune when he was only 15, and the early song only ended up in the Twiddle rotation because they needed more songs for a gig when they were starting out. Savoulidis also gets into some of his guitar influences and notes that while he was a fan of jamband guitarists like Trey Anastasio, he really gravitated toward jazz icons like John Scofield and loved Jamaican great Ernest Ranglin.

Of course the conversation also comes back to “Jamflowman,” specifically the last verse that Koenig and Longstreth had discussed at length, leading to the musicians speaking about how lyrical intent and how a writer sees their own words can change a lot over the years. Savoulidis also give Koenig a rundown of some of the other characters in the Twiddle universe, like Frankenfoote and Carter Candlestick, explaining how he managed to get many of them together in a bar for the more recent song “Orlando’s” off Twiddle’s album Plump.

Listen to the full conversation and episode of Time Crisis here.