_Dave Vann_

Ween will release a new live record taken from their GodWeenSatan re-release party played on September 14, 2001 at New Hope, PA’s local bar, John & Peter’s.

The release, their first since 2008, finds them performing just days after the tragic events of September 11, 2001 to mark the re-release of their 1990 record. An announcement for the album recounts that time, noting that the band was unsure whether or not to cancel the show.

“There was a sense of raw emotion the night of the show,” Dean Ween said in a statement. “It had been only a few days since the towers had fallen, and everyone in the world had been glued to their TVs. As we walked onto the stage the crowd was in a daze, but we came to play that night and needed to deliver in a big way. It was very cathartic on both sides of the stage, for both band and audience.”

“I have never heard Gener sing as hard as he did that night,” he added. “He was screaming, just like he did when we cut the record. I broke out my old 1958 Fender Musicmaster – the same one I had played on GWS.”

GodWeenSatan Live is due out November 16. Pre-order here.