Above: John Bell, UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, LA, 11/1/08. Photo by Jeffrey Dupuis/

Allen Toussaint’s “On Your Way Down” was something of an anthem this weekend. As previously reported, Phish covered the song for the first time since 2003 in Albany on Friday. Oddly enough, a night later Widespread Panic debuted a version of the song at Charleston, SC’s North Charleston Coliseum. “On Your Way Down” was written by Toussaint and made famous in rock and jamband circles by Little Feat, who covered the song on its 1973 album Dixie Chicken.

Widespread Panic’s two-night run at the North Charleston Coliseum also found the group introducing a cover of ZZ Top’s “‘Jesus Just Left Chicago” on Saturday and John Bell playing mandolin for “Ain’t Life Grand” on Friday. Other highlights included a run from “Contentment Blues” into “Surprise Valley” Friday and a nearly complete segued second set Saturday that featured “Flicker,” “Fishwater,” a drum segment,” “Greta,” “All Time Low,” “Waitin’ For The Bus,” “Crazy,” “Tall Boy,” “Tie Your Shoes,” “Porch Song” and “Arleen.”