This month’s fan site of the month is Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts. Here are Mr. David Caralco’s thought on how it came together and where it’s going from here…
Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts was sparked from one conversation this summer, and took off overnight. Combining my two passions of writing and Phish, I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do with Phish Thoughts- create an positive and intellectual online Phish community. I wanted to host a site where people could come, read about, download, and discuss everything Phish in a constructive and critical way. I’ve always felt that there has been a lack of quality writing about the phenomenon of Phish, and I thought the time was ripe for a site like this.
With the help of my friend, Jeff D’Alonzo, who is responsible for compiling a hard drive for the ages, my goal was to combine my writing with the music I was writing about, creating a multimedia experience. I wanted Phish Thoughts to be a place where you could come, listen to great Phish while you read, and download a quality show from the past each and every day. Phish Thoughts is also a place to keep up with what is going on "on tour" when you can’t be there. With a goal of bringing you the word on the street and the AUD recordings in easily accessible mp3 formats, my goal of to create a "virtual tour" online experience with photos, writing, music, and video. The help of people in the community can make this flourish. I am always looking for current photos and I need a taper to work with- so if you want to help out Phish Thoughts, let me know!
Until then- enjoy the site!