Back on April 1, 2003 we posted what was then our fourth year of “very special April First reports.” One of these news items made reference to “Bonnaroo NO (North of Osaka)” to be held “on a concrete slab in downtown Tokyo.” The following day we received an email from Japanese site visitor S. Andoh who wrote, “Japanese fans are now in panic that we’ll have Bonnaroo in Japan We want to find out if your article is true or false otherwise this issue and controversy will be bigger and bigger. I’d greatly appreciate it if you could conclude our controversy.”

This in turn prompted a news story we titled “Newsflash: April Fools Stories were Jokes; Budnick Apologizes to the People of Japan.” Here we explained, “ wishes to remind readers that this past Tuesday was April Fools Day. The news posted was intended to reflect the spirit of the day (akin to, which was transformed into a Dr. Phil Tribute page). For instance, Gov’t Mule did not announce that Warren Haynes would become the permanent guitarist, as he actually is a founding member of the band. Furthermore, Krusty the Clown has not bought Wetlands Preserve.”

Why do I mention this? No comment. You might want to examine your calendar though before you stop by the site on Thursday…

later days and peace,