As I look around the disaster zone that is my office in the aftermath of editing the Festival 8 Express I found an item or two that may be of interest…

When I conducted the reader interview with Dave Schools, he mentioned his Widespread Panic performance with Phish at the old Living Room in Providence, RI. I was at that show and here’s one of the flyers from that night…

Here’s an article written by Trey Anastasio back when he was a high school student at Taft. The complete title is “Space Antelope: Biologocal Mutiny.” There’s an image too but it’s illegible.

This I believe is Trey in the aformentioned Red Tide…

And here he is playing with fellow Taft student Robb Gordon.

What else? Well here’s a Phish image circa 92 (taken while in Europe, I believe).

Okay, I’m off to clean up this place.

More down the road (from many other bands, too…).

later days and peace,