On Saturday the 4th, legendary NJ band “From Good Homes” played a special show at the Borgata Casino. The band—which has played four public shows in the last two years—jumped up on stage and rocked the casino like they have never stopped playing together all these years. Last December, they played two reunion shows at the Welmont Theater in NJ as their first official show in ten years. They also played one show in May as part of the Mighty High Mountain Music Festival in NY. This Saturday’s show was a blast from the past with all five members holding nothing back and just jumping into some great regular tunes and some very old jams that have not seen the light of day in a long while. The shows started off with the drumbeat of Patrick Fitzsimmons banging out the classic “Broken Road.” “Suzanna Walker,” “Cool Me Down” and Brady’s “There she Goes” followed up as the crowd bounced around the room with high energy. The surprise covers of the night were Patrick singing the Springsteen classic “Atlantic City” and Todd belting out Jimmy Cliff’s “The Harder They Come.” Then FGH dug deep in their song closet and played “Long Walk Home #1,” “Banging Out a Melody” and “Goin’ Out.” The night ended with the classic “Maybe We Will” and the audience spun around in utter joy. The band seems to have no dust on the their bones or their tunes. They are playing for their fans and we want to see more!!!

Broken Road
Suzanna Walker
Cool Me Down
There She Goes
Ride All Night
Butterfly and the Tree
Where the Songs Begin
Atlantic City
If the the Wind Blows
Second Red Barn on the Right
Long Walk Home #1
The Harder they Come
I Only Want
Bangin’ Out a Melody
Fruitful Acre
I’m a Mess
Goin’ Out
Comin’ on Home
Maybe We Will