On December 14th, The Struts played one of their final shows on their North American tour at Buffalo’s Thin Man Brewery. Those that were lucky enough to attend this concert, where the location and time were announced less than three hours before show time, were treated to a one of the most intimate shows of the tour.

The house was packed despite “blizzard like conditions” on the streets.

The singer, Luke Spiller filled the room with energy from the moment the show began. The show started up with “Put Your Hands Up” and at the direction of Luke, the crowd did just that for the remainder of the show.

Luke was not afraid to interact with crowd or even dance on the bar. One of the highlights of the night was when Luke walked right through the center of the crowd during a cover of Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” and challenged left side of the audience to outperform the right side in singing the song. Some other songs performed included “Could Have Been Me” and “Put Your Money on Me”. The band put on a high energy show that will not be forgotten.

The Struts are a truly talented group of musicians with Luke Spiller as their star. Spiller’s vocal style, wardrobe and presence seemed to be a combination of Jagger, Bowie and Mercury. The Struts, being a relatively new band, may well be on the path to restoring hope to the next generation of rock and roll fans.