Relix Records 2108

The Grateful Dead space masters Tom Constanten and Bob
Bralove have combined their weirdness on this release from
Relix Records. Bridging the distance between Constanten's keys in the
1960s and Bralove's work with the Dead as MIDI wizard and
co-writer in the 1980s and '90s, "Search For Intelligent Life"
can best be described as a psychedelic backdrop for the long,
strange trip into the future.

Without a script, I have to guess that it's Constanten's
growling voice that haunts the various tracks on the disc. At
various times Zappa-esque, out of key, even scary, one just has to
let the eerie meanderings bounce in his brain and see
what happens. Sequenced MIDI, state-of-the art sound effects,
electronic wizardry and uncharted territory combine to make
this an exploratory venture. Including takes on the Doors'
classic People Are Strange, the Dead’s Dark
Star and even a Carole King’s Take a Giant Step
Outside Your Mind, these masters of chaos have woven a
tapestry of harmony and dissonance, forgoing groove for
galactic exploration. Of the nine tracks, the six originals are
purely experimental, some almost ambient and soothing, like a
Moody Blues intro, others warping the listener's brain and leaving him
with an unsettled feeling in the pit of his stomach.

This disc clearly isn't for everyone, even in the jamband
world. If you are a Dead collector and especially interested in
Space, then you will want this disc. If you desire something
strange to put in the soundtrack of your next foray into
neurochemical experimentation, this one is also for you.