Trey Anastasio Band closed out their Spring tour on Sunday night in Morrison, CO at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, and the group was fired up to be at the exquisite venue, even if it was only a balmy 50 degrees outside.

The group played a handful of classic Phish staples while prioritizing TAB standards like “Money, Love & Change” and “Night Speaks to a Woman.”

The group opened the show with “Set Your Soul Free,” which got the crowd moving and grooving before a brief romp through the instrumental “Olivia” off The Horseshoe Curve, which saw fantastic horn solos from Natalie Cressman and Jen Hartswick. From there, they kept up the momentum by playing their calypso-infused take on the Phish tune, “Camel Walk.”

TAB later finished out the first set with a fiery run of “Alive Again,” “Money, Love & Change,” and “Sand.”

Hearing newest member of the group, Dezron Douglas, playing the late Tony Markellis’ signature bass-ine on “Sand” will always be a slightly melancholy experience, but it really showcases why he’s the right man for the job.

Those who were patiently waiting for the night’s first big jam needn’t wait any longer than the beginning of set II as the octet lit into an extended and exploratory “Everything’s Right,” which spanned over 20 minutes long.

After a stretch of serious improvisation, Trey next slated “No Men In No Man’s Land” to continue the energy of where “Everything’s Right” left off.

The second set also saw a run of TAB classics that included “Simple Twist Up Dave,” “Night Speaks to a Woman,” and “Ether Sunday.”

“Night Speaks” has always historically been an opportunity to let Jen Hartswick shine with her trumpet, and last night was no exception. Her enthusiastic fills and trills complement not only the song, but also Trey’s unique soloing style with sheer perfection.

The group capped offset II with a particularly hot take on Phish classic, “Gotta Jibboo” before the encore break.

After a quick breather, TAB returned to the stage to close out the evening with “A Life Beyond the Dream,” before Trey took the opportunity to light into “First Tube” and end the show on a particularly high note.

The guitarist put a period on the night with his typical “First Tube” closing guitar lift as his sustain and feedback wailed.

It’s a treat to see TAB, especially at one of the country’s premiere venues, and this night was another perfect match.


SET I: Set Your Soul Free, Olivia, Camel Walk, Love Is What We Are, The Moma Dance, Dark and Down, Alive Again, Money, Love & Change, Sand

SET II: Everything’s Right, No Men In No Man’s Land, Liquid Time, Roll Like a River, Quantegy, Simple Twist Up Dave, Night Speaks To a Woman, Ether Sunday, Gotta Jibboo

Enc: A Life Beyond the Dream, First Tube