Photo Credit: Larry Hulst

On Sunday, June 24, Electric Forest ended abruptly due to severe weather in the festival’s Rothbury, Mich. vicinity. Prior to the early conclusion of the annual music-centric gathering, The String Cheese Incident dotted their Friday, June 21 setlist with a pair of covers pulled from Post Malone and Paul McCartney’s original (film-adjacent) archives. Also included was Big Gigantic’s Dominic Lalli on the final series of songs sans “Sirens.” 

Notably, String Cheese Incident’s most talked about Electric Forest moments came to be after the midway point of their frame, culminating with the arrival of Malone’s 2018 Spider-Man contribution, “Sunflower,” which also beckoned the arrival of Lalli. Their guest stuck around for ensuing arrival, the John Coltrane-penned “Impressions” and the SCI’s original “Let’s Go Outside.”
Rather than keep Lalli on stage until the end, SCI took a moment to return to form, delivering a piece from 2003’s Untying the Not on “Sirens.” Abstaining from a pause, SCI picked up their final number, merging into a cover of Paul McCartney’s epic, “Live And Let Die,” which ultimately saw the return of Lalli to assist the jammers on the James Bond-made number.

The String Cheese Incident 

Electric Forest – Rothbury, Mich. 

June 21, 2024 

Set: All We Got, Lend Me A Hand, I Will Follow You, Bhangra Saanj, Desert Dawn, Eventually, Rivertrance, Roll Around the Sun, Sunflower(1)(2)> Impressions(1)> Let’s Go Outside(1), Sirens> Live And Let Die(3)


(1) With Big Gigantic’s Dominic Lalli

(2) Post Malone cover 

(3) Paul McCartney cover 

Setlist via The String Cheese Incident’s official Instagram.