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On Thursday, Nov. 30, Umphrey’s McGee commenced an intimate three-night run at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Ga. During the concerts, the band welcomed support from Widespread Panic drummer Duane Trucks, who filled in for the band’s regular backbeat, Kris Myers, who is currently on the mend for a shoulder injury. Night one presented originals and a peppering of covers, including a bust out of Elton John’s “Benny and the Jets,” last played on Dec. 30, 2013, representing the end of a 729 show gap in performances.

Following a similar format to the initial concert, Umphrey’s McGee followed up on Friday, Dec. 1, with “Wife Soup,” “Domino Theory,” and “Got Your Milk (Right Here).” The latter merged with “Nemo” and ran over into “We’re Going to War” and “Resolutions” before trickling back into “Nemo” to cap a monster jam. “In The Kitchen” represented the final play from set one. During the second half of the night, the band brought forth “1348” into “Staircase” and “Day Nurse,” eventually looping back to the initial song of the frame. 

Next, UM tapped Brock Butler from Perpetual Groove. The guitarist added to the night’s rendition of “Life,” which initially appeared on 2004’s All These Things LP and served as a bust out. Butler stuck around for the next song, “Glory,” and left the stage prior to the arrival of “The Triple Wide.” For the last song of set two, UM dusted off “Sister Christian,” last covered on Nov. 18, 2005, ending a 1,745 show gap. For the night’s encore, UM landed on “Den” and “Fame.” 

The band’s final Georgia Theatre stand occurred on Saturday, Dec. 2. UM started night three with “Attachments” into “Bad Friday,” ultimately picking up “Hiccup” and “Wappy Sprayberry,” presented as a pair. The latter merged into “Puppet Strings” before the band closed the frame with “Kielbasa.” Set two started with “Miss Tinkle’s Overture,” followed by “Love Booth” and “Bridgeless.” The aforementioned number ran into “Pay The Sucka.” 

In time, the band turned out a rendition of “Escape Goat” into “The Girl Is Mine,” with its typical pair for this group, “Jane Says,” both of which were last played on Aug. 28, 2014. Before wrapping the bust-outs, they returned to remnants of “The Girl Is Mine.” UM closed set two on “Cemetery Walks II,” returning to the stage for their encore: “Pleas” > “Bridgeless.”

After closing out their Peach State stand, the band will participate in the initial night of their NYE stand on Dec. 30 at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago, following up on Dec. 31 at the same location. For tickets, visit

Scroll down to view Umphrey’s McGee setlist from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2.

Umphrey’s McGee

Georgia Theatre – Athens, Ga.

Dec. 2, 2023 

Set I: Attachments[1] > Bad Friday[1], Hiccup[1] > Wappy Sprayberry[1] > Puppet String[1], Kielbasa[1]

Set II: Miss Tinkle’s Overture[1], Booth Love[1], Bridgeless[1] > Pay the Snucka[1], Escape Goat[1] > The Girl Is Mine[1] > Jane Says[1] > The Girl Is Mine[1], Cemetery Walk II[1]

Enc.: Pleas[2] > Bridgeless[1]


[1] with Duane Trucks on drums, the entire show without Kris Myers
[2] debut, Widespread Panic, with Duane Trucks on drums

[3] last “The Girl Is Mine” 2014-08-28 (730 shows)
[4] last “Jane Says” 2014-08-28 (730 shows)

Umphrey’s McGee

Georgia Theatre – Athens, Ga.

Dec. 1, 2023

Set I: Wife Soup[1], Domino Theory[1], Got Your Milk (Right Here)[1] > Nemo[1] > We’re Going to War[1] > Resolution[1] > Nemo[1], In The Kitchen[1]

Set II:1348[1] > Staircase[1] > Day Nurse[1] > 1348[1], Life[2] > Glory[3], The Triple Wide[1], Sister Christian[1][4]

Enc.:Den[1], Fame[1]

[1] with Duane Trucks on drums, the entire show without Kris Myers

[2] debut, Perpetual Groove, with Duane Trucks on drums and Brock Butler on guitar

[3] with Duane Trucks on drums and Brock Butler on guitar
[4] Last “Sister Christian” 2005-11-18 (1,745 shows)

Umphrey’s McGee

Georgia Theatre – Athens, Ga.

Nov. 30, 2023 

Set I: The Silent Type[1], The Linear[1] > Half Delayed[1], Cut the Cable[1], Night Nurse[1], Fearless[1] > Partyin’ Peeps[1]

Set II: 40’s Theme[1], Pure Saturation[1] > Small Strides[1], Rosanna[1], The Fuzz[1] > Draconian[1]

Enc.: The Weight Around[1], Bennie and the Jets[1][2]

[1] with Duane Trucks on drums, the entire show without Kris Myers
[2] Last “Bennie and the Jets” 2013-12-30 (729 shows)

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