Today, Perpetual Groove released a new single featuring soul singer Ansley Stewart, titled “Fiery Skies.” The track was inspired by a recent episode from the podcast Podsongs, which connects musicians and inspirational people which results in a new composition based on the interview. “Fiery Skies” came about from a conversation between Perpetual Groove’s keyboardist Matthew McDonald’s and retired U.S. Army Sergeant Jonathan Lubecky.

Lubecky, who appeared in the Netflix documentary How to Change Your Mind, shared his experiences in Iraq, which led to a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. He endured various medications and talk therapy for months before finding his way to M.A.P.S. (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) and entered MDMA-assisted therapy trials. Following his successful treatment, Lubecky dedicated himself to bringing medicine and healing to other veterans. 

“As a veteran, I have the utmost respect for what Jonathan went through and his sacrifice for our country,” said McDonald. “His experience is powerful; he has taken that experience and turned it into action. His involvement with both V.E.T.S (Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions) & M.A.P.S are pioneering the use of psychedelics to help combat veterans suffering from PTSD. I hope this song captures the fragility and resolve his story demands.”

Learn more about M.A.P.S. here.

Listen to “Fiery Skies” below.