Over the weekend, Guster celebrated the 20th anniversary of their album, Keep It Together. As a way to mark the occasion, the alt-rockers took part in a stand at the Salt Shed in Chicago. During the night, the band performed their 2003 release from start to finish, like they did when they played through said material at their On the Ocean festival.

In the same style as the LP, Guster started the night with “Diane,” followed by “Careful,” following the initial order of the tracking list. In time, they picked up fan favorite “Amsterdam” and continued with  “Backyard” and “Homecoming King.” After “Ramona,” Guster played “Jesus on the Radio,” the album’s title track, and ensuing take on “Come Downstairs and Say Hello” and “Red Oyster Cult.”

As the evening continued, the band prioritized giving love to every number, such as “Long Way Down” and “I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today.” Then, staying true to their album’s presentation, they stood on stage in silence for 30 seconds, representing “Silence.” With the arrival of “Two at a Time,” the band had completed the run-through of Keep It Together. Where an encore would have been, Guster replaced it with seven additional songs, including fan favorites “Happier,” “Do You Love Me,” and more.

As a treat, the band brought out the night’s opener, Neko Case, to assist on the encore, consisting of John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery.” After the weekend’s show in Chicago, Guster takes the stage with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra tonight, Sept. 19, at Heinz Hall. Tickets remain on sale.

Scroll down to view Guster’s Sept. 16 setlist.

The Salt Shed – Chicago
Sept. 16, 2023

Set: [Keep It Together] Diane, Careful, Amsterdam, Backyard, Homecoming King (With Top Gun Anthem tag), Ramona, Jesus on the Radio, Keep It Together, Come Downstairs and Say Hello, Red Oyster Cult, Long Way Down, I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today, Silence (Band stood on stage silently for 30 seconds), Two at a Time [Completed Keep It Together], Manifest Destiny, Happier, Terrified, Long Night, Satellite, Airport Song, Do You Love Me

Enc.: Angel From Montgomery

Performed Keep It Together in full