Dead & Company have revealed that their upcoming final tour–like tours past–will feature a unique traveling charity auction showcasing 10 exquisite D’Angelico guitars, each featuring artwork designed by contemporary visual artist AJ Masthay. The guitars will feature Masthay’s Dead & Company poster art, creating a captivating anthology of his artistic journey with the band since 2016.

The much-anticipated farewell tour will kick off on May 19 at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. As part of the tour and the auction, the band has collaborated with HeadCount, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting voter registration and civic participation, and REVERB, an organization focused on environmental responsibility. The charity auction will be held within the Participation Row activism village organized by HeadCount.

Bobby Weir, a founding member of Dead & Company, serves as a board member of HeadCount and is an artist endorser for D’Angelico Guitars. Weir’s continued involvement in these organizations highlights his dedication to supporting causes that resonate with the band’s values.

Masthay expressed his belief in the importance of informed citizenship and participation in democracy. Reflecting on his collaboration with HeadCount, Masthay stated, “I’m a firm believer that if our democracy is going to function as intended, we all as citizens have an obligation to be informed and participate in said democracy, that’s why I am and will continue to be a supporter of HeadCount and their mission. My relationship with HeadCount started over a decade ago and out of our partnership has come some of the most cherished pieces in my portfolio.”

Notably, each city where the band performs multiple nights on the tour including Los Angeles, Chicago, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., New York, Boulder, Colo., George, Wash., Boston and San Francisco–will have a guitar dedicated to their metropolis, there will also be a guitar dedicated to the tour as a whole along with one other.

See a video of Masthay designing the image for Dead & Company’s run at the Forum in L.A. below.