Photo by Courtney Scout

Today Denver-based guitarist, singer, and songwriter DJ Williams emerged as a commanding force with his latest single, “Black Man,” the leading single from his highly anticipated forthcoming studio album, Soldier of Love – set for release on June 29. On the track, Williams delivers a soul-stirring musical manifesto that delves deep into the profound dichotomies of the black male existence in America.

“Black Man” bursts forth with undeniable energy, a powerful blend of distorted guitar riffs and thunderous drums. With the added support of Kanika Moore’s mesmerizing vocals and a scorching guitar solo performed by the three-time Grammy nominee Roosevelt Collier, Williams’ artistry shines through. Fearlessly exploring the depths of his own emotions, he expertly expresses the complexities of a life marked by both resilience and struggle.

“Black Man” serves as a stunning introduction to the artist’s unparalleled growth and maturity. The project is poised to become a pivotal moment in Williams’ career and sees production from Jay.Greens, founder of Denver’s Perception Records. Alongside co-producer Josh Fairman, Williams and Jay.Greens have joined forces, harnessing their combined talents to forge a collection of songs that resonate with authenticity and boundless creativity.

“This record is an absolute labor of love,” Williams explains with passion. “It was created over time to reflect my vision of where I am musically, paying homage to those who came before me and served as a wellspring of inspiration.”

Williams’ musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, gracing stages across the globe alongside renowned acts such as Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and Shots Fired. As he prepares to embark on the summer of 2023, armed with a wealth of new material, Williams sets his sights firmly on the future.

Listen to “Black Man” below.