On Saturday night, Spafford took the stage at Philadelphia’s Brooklyn Bowl in continuation of their winter tour. The Jan. 28 gig arrived after the band’s appearance at Ardmore Music Hall the night prior, where they welcomed Disco Biscuits founding member and keyboardist Aron Magner. Then, the next night they brought another guest to the stage, this time Magner’s bandmate and hometown player, Jon Barber, who showed up during to second half of the night and shredded on the billed band’s original number, “Ain’t That Wrong.” Watch now.

The Saturday evening show heated up with a pairing of “Ginger Stardust” with “All In.” After pausing for the crowd’s applause, the ensemble followed up by moving into a jammed-out take on “Leave The Light On,” which ran over into the ensuing rendition of “Electric Taco Stand,” which inevitably saw a return to the jam opener, “Leave The Light On,” to cap the first night of music in the City of Brotherly Love. 

After the set break, Spafford returned for their second frame, which kicked off with a take on “Giants In the Light.” The previously mentioned number merged into “The Waltz,” a tune that reentered the band’s live catalog earlier this year after its Oct. 31, 2019 debut at The Van Buren in Phoenix, Ariz. Next, a high point of the night occurred when Barber was invited on stage to assist with the night’s stretched-out rendition of “Ain’t That Wrong.” Watch below. 

Following the on-stage collaboration, Spafford dipped into the final number of their second set, “Weasel.” Then, after another pause, they returned for their encore, which included the first 2023 delivery of “To The Nest,” which ran over into the final song of Saturday’s concert, “Simple Mysteries,” which was last performed on Nov. 19, 2022. 

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Scroll down to view the Saturday, Jan. 28 setlist. 


Brooklyn Bowl – Philadelphia

Jan. 28, 2023

Set I: Ginger Stardust > All In, Leave The Light On > Electric Taco Stand > Leave The Light On 

Set II: Giants In the Light > The Waltz, Ain’t That Wrong+, Weasel  

Enc.: To The Nest > Simple Mysteries 


+ With Jon Barber 

Setlist via spaffnerds.com.