On the heels of yesterday’s announcement that the Jerry Garcia Family and Round Records will commemorate the 50th anniversary of Garcia’s seminal 1972 debut, Garcia, by releasing a two-disc deluxe set featuring the remastered original track list coupled with a secondary collection of alternative takes, and studio jams – LP Giobbi will now add her spin on the beloved music collection with Garcia (Remixed). The artist shared that the first single will drop on Dec. 2, followed by the release of the complete album.   

Giobbi’s impending release sees the artist revisit and remix the seminal collection of Garcia originals. The artist shared the news across her social media channels and added some background on Garcia (Remixed). Giobbi wrote, “Getting to remix Jerry Garcia’s entire first album is one of the coolest things I will ever be a part of. Being raised by Deadheads, Jerry felt like a part of my family growing up.” 

She continued, “I’ve known his voice intimately since the womb and to this day his voice is synonymous with home.” Then, Giobbi turned toward the project and offered, “Getting to sit in the studio and listen to his creations and pull them apart and appreciate every part of them in a new way was beyond a dream come true. I felt so connected to my family, where I came from and where I’m going through this process. I got to work on a few of the tracks with my dear collaborator [Le Chev] who brought yet another layer of love and magic to these tracks.”

Before concluding her post, Giobbi added thanks to DJ Tennis, a collaborator on one of the forthcoming tracks, and referenced to the first time they crossed paths, both donning Grateful Dead shirts. Moreover, Giobbi’s love of the Grateful Dead is nothing new. The artist presented a Dead House livestream on The Relix Channel on Twitch back in February, where she delivered a set inspired by the music of the Grateful Dead while partnering with the Rex Foundation to garner donations. 

Read Giobbi’s social media post announcing the forthcoming LP below. Scroll down to watch the artist’s previously mentioned Dead House set.

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