Roots rock band Dispatch have rereleased their beloved anti-war anthem “The General,” in Russian to show their support of Ukraine. The track was originally released in 1997 on the band’s sophomore album Bang Bang and has long resonated with many fans who holler the lyrics back to the band to this day.

The rerelease comes after Dispatch founding members, Chadwick Stokes and Brad Corrigan realized the cultural relevancy of their lyrics about a war-torn general who has seen behind the lines, recognizes the enemy as fellow human beings and declares the fight is not worth fighting. Stokes worked with a translator to record the acoustic version of the song entirely in Russian and Corrigan contributed vocal harmonies. According to the band, the track was recorded in Russian in hopes that Russian soldiers might hear the message and question their role in the ongoing invasion.

To force someone to act against humanity is to destroy their own humanity,” said Stokes.

All proceeds from the song will benefit Leleka Foundation, which provides first aid kits for emergency medical responders and frontline fighters in Ukraine.

Listen to the song on streaming platforms here.

Watch a video of Stokes performing the track below.