Matisyahu’s upcoming self-titled album will serve as the musician’s first release in five years and is due to release on March 25, 2022. The album was fueled and forged by the isolation and subsequent inspiration during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Jan. 14, Matisyahu released his latest single off the album titled “Keep Coming Back For More.” The track features Columbian-born, Brooklyn-based duo Salt Cathedral, and showcases the duos’ Juliana Ronderos’ ethereal vocals. Today, Matisyahu shared in a press release the deeper meaning behind the track. “There’s a lyric about my daughter being born…she was a home birth at our house in Nyack, so we named her Esti River,” Matisyahu wrote. “It’s another song where the feminine energy of Juliana’s voice is so powerful; her vocal comes in and encompasses everything.”

The press release also shared that serendipitously the day before the track was shared he welcomed his newborn son into the world. The deeply autobiographical album will serve as Matisyahu’s seventh studio album.

Watch the lyric video for “Keep Coming Back For More” below:

Watch Matisyahu’s Relix performance with Star Kitchen below: