RadicalMedia, Jerry Garcia Family LLC and Red Light Management are teaming up for a new Jerry Garcia feature documentary, directed by Justin Kreutzmann (Let There Be Drums!). 

The film will take an intimate look at the legendary Grateful Dead frontman’s role as a father, husband, artist, friend and musician. Never before seen interviews and footage will help paint a portrait of Garcia as he was known to those closest to him.  

The director shared his comments on the project, “It’s such a wonderful honor that Trixie and the Garcia family have put that same faith in me to tell Jerry’s story. When people ask what I miss most about him not being around, I think it’s just missing Jerry, the person,” Kreutzmann said. “People like him don’t come around very often. It’s my dream to capture the feeling you got when you hung out with Jerry and listened to him play music. A lot of people have told the world what they thought of Jerry but I want to show what Jerry thought of the world.”

News of the documentary follows The Jerry Garcia Foundations’ unveiling of a new archive in honor of the legendary guitarists 80th birthday on Aug. 1, 2022. Read more, here.