This Sept. 11, Elvis Perkins made his debut appearance on “CBS This Morning.” He played three songs off his debut album Ash Wednesday. The album is a collection of songs that is chronologically sequenced before and after the death of his mother, who tragically died on Sept. 11, 2001. He performed “While You Were Sleeping,” which he composed before his mother passed, “Emile’s Vietnam in the Sky,” and the album’s conclusion “Good Friday.” 

The first half of Ash Wednesday was written in 2000 – before Elvis’ mother, Berry Berenson Perkins was killed aboard American Airlines Flight #11 when it struck the World Trade Center. The other half of the album was written afterward and was released in 2007. 

Elvis was joined on “CBS This Morning” by his band Dearland, which includes Perkins’ Mother’s godson Wyndham Garnett and Nick Kinsey, a friend of Wyndham’s since elementary school. 

Elvis was interviewed by Anthony Mason before his performance. The two discussed the creation of Ash Wednesday and Elvis’ fond memories of his mother.

Read an essay Perkins wrote for Relix here.

Watch Elvis Perkins performances and interview below:

Watch Elvis’ interview with Anthony Mason below: