Photo by Rona Lane

Turkish psych-folk band Altin Gün announced that their second album of 2021 Âlem will release Jul. 23. The album will be available only on Bandcamp; all proceeds will go to Earth Today, a nonprofit that works to preserve land on a global scale in collaboration with a network of nature protection organizations. 

Altin Gün are known for their fusion of traditional Turkish folk music with psychedelic electronic sound. Âlem, which has multiple meanings ranging from realm and universe to booze and orgy, reflects the band’s intention to transcend boundaries as a group.

“[Âlem] is an ode to the electronic pop music of the eighties and early nineties,” the band shared in a press release.

Their debut album Yol was named one of the “Best Albums of 2021 So Far” by Variety.

Altin Gün released two stand-alone singles on July 21. One of the two “Kisasa Kisas” is a synth-heavy track that was released with a whimsical music video directed by Grégoire Verbeke.  

Watch below.

Âlem – Altin Gün

1. Yali Yali

2. Malatya

3. Çarşambayı Sel Aldı

4. Kısasa Kısas

5. Badi Sabah Olmadan

6. Cips Kola Kilit

7. Özüne Özüm Kurban

8. Sen Çiçeksin Ben Arı

9. Üzüm Üzüme Baka Baka (featuring Asa Moto)

10. Oğlan