Instagram account @PhishonPhilm aka PHILM recently had a virtual sit-down with Relix publisher Peter Shapiro and Relix editor-in-chief Dean Budnick to chat about a litany of subjects, including the search for a new Relix Assistant Editor as well as the August LOCKN’ Farm events.

“For people who feel as passionately about music as those of us do, it’s a fun opportunity to be part of what we do,” Budnick said of the gig. “…New York would be great if we could find somebody, but we’re happy to have somebody [work remote] from just about anywhere.”

(To apply, send a CV and a writing sample to [email protected] with the subject Editorial Position.)

Other topics of conversation included ’80s Phish, alternate realities, Jerry Garcia’s funeral, John Popper and more.

Watch part one of the interview below (with part two to follow later this week):