Real Estate are the most recent band to participate in the Lagniappe Sessions, a recording series for Aquarium Drunkard in which artists record covers of songs that inspired them. For their part, Real Estate performed tracks by My Bloody Valentine, John Cale and more.

The EP opens up with a cover of “Ocean House” by Parsley Sound, which was selected by frontman Martin Courtney. The next track is My Bloody Valentine’s “You Never Should,” chosen by guitarist Julian Lynch, who himself has done a solo installment of the Lagniappe Sessions back in 2019.

Next up is “Please” by John Cale, once again chosen by Courtney. For his part, bassist Alex Bleeker (who also has down his own solo Lagniappe Sessions) chose “Little Green Apples” by Roger Miller. Finally, keyboardist Matt Kallman selected “Java Jelly” by Jawbone.

Aquarium Drunkard shared a note about the release. “While still remote and virtually sharing musical thoughts, the quintet laid down tracks for their inaugural Lagniappe Session (guitarist Julian Lynch offered up a solo installment in 2019, as did bassist Alex Bleeker back in 2015),” it read. “The band’s approach here was that of equal opportunity. Five songs chosen by four different members that pull from the likes of British rock, American honky-tonk, and obscure instrumental B-sides – all wrapped in the group’s signature warmth.”

Aquarium Drunkard founder Justin Gage launched the Lagniappe Sessions in 2011.

Read the band members’ thoughts on their selections and listen to the new release here.