In a new interview with, The Beach Boys’ Al Jardine discussed the potential for a The Beach Boys tour to celebrate the band’s 60th anniversary, which falls at the end of 2021.

“Yeah, there’ll definitely be three big tribute concerts—at least that’s the plan,” Jardine said, interviewed alongside his writing partner Larry Dvoskin. “And, hopefully, we can expand from there. It’s just a matter of getting to know each other again and feeling comfortable together.  

“There will be other bands on there too paying tribute to the Beach Boys—it will be a big celebration,” he continued. “We’re going to start with one and then, logically speaking, once you do one, you can do more—let’s put it that way. The premise is to do it in places like LA, New York, London.”

Finally, Jardine suggested the possibility of a tour, noting that he hopes it materializes. “There could be a tour, which would just be us and maybe a few openers,” he told Relix. “That would be my wish—to do an actual world tour based on that premise and for it to just be us. But we’ll see—we’re going to start with one and see how it goes.”

Jardine and Dvoskin also discussed working together and during quarantine, Carl Wilson’s final vocal takes and more. Read the full interview here.