Photo by Jen Rosenstein

East coast-born indie musician Sharon Van Etten recently announced a new album epic Ten. The album, a double LP celebrating the 10th anniversary of her album epic, will feature a re-release of the original epic album along with a collection of covers.

These covers, however, are not recorded by Van Etten. The singer asked fellow artists to cover songs from the original epic album. Each Thursday until the album’s release, Van Etten will drop a new cover from an artist that she considers “epic.”

Today, she dropped a cover of her song “A Crime” by American indie folk rock band Big Red Machine.

“Sharon is one of my favorite songwriters and I’ve been very lucky to get to collaborate with her many times over the years,” said BRM’s Aaron Dessner in a statement. “Recording ‘A Crime’ with Justin, more than 10 years after we covered ‘Love More’ at Music Now with my brother Bryce – and thinking about all our shared memories – it felt like coming full circle. It’s an honor to be able to pay tribute to Sharon and her incredible songs. We felt like the door should be about to fall off the hinges of this version and I think it sounds like that.”

Other featured artists include Courtney Barnett, Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams and St. Panther. epic Ten will release digitally on Apr. 16, and with physical copies on June 11 via the Brooklyn-based record label Ba Da Bing. The double LP is also set to come out with a documentary and a concert stream.

Listen to “A Crime” below!