Aron Magner – best known for his keys work in the Disco Biscuits, SPAGA and Electron – has stepped out on his own with the release of the pensive, introverted EP The Ambient Mode.

Explained Magner, “During stand-still life of quarantine last Spring, I turned to creating ambient music to simply self-soothe and soon realized the therapeutic effects were also resonating with my family as the music carried throughout the house. At the time, I wasn’t sure on a theoretical level why it was happening, but as I started creating this music on my own, I took a deeper dive into it’s background and origins… The ambient tones were pacifying to play, and the process became my breath.  I was reminded of my musical encounters with Mickey Hart and his obsession with the power of The Drone.”

Listen to The Ambient Mode via spotify here.

Check out the single “Noire” below: