Love Some Tea, a tea brand that imports rare, plantation-free teas from Thailand, has announced The Grateful Tea Collection, a set of new tea flavors “inspired by the music, values, and lifestyle of the iconic brand the Grateful Dead.” (Quote via press release.) The new teas are available to purchase now.

“Being Grateful Dead fans and obsessed with ethically farmed and delicious teas, we are thrilled to share our exclusive collection with the world,” said Love Some Tea CEO Scott Fernandez (via press release).

“We live and breathe the environment, just as the Grateful Dead have since they first hit the stage in 1965,” he continued. “Our commitment to ethically grown and farmed tea leaves and sustainable packaging made the union between Love Some Tea and the Grateful Dead a perfect match for sharing delicious, healthful teas with those who will appreciate them most.”

According to a press release, “the ‘Plantation Free’ method of growing and harvesting Grateful Teas from Love Some Tea sees to it that no land is cleared for planting, and machinery is never used to harvest. It is done by hand with their friends and partners, the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand.”

The flavors are listed below. Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux also filmed a video announcing the teas. Watch it below!

For more information and to purchase, click here.

Grateful Tea Flavors:

● Cosmic Coconut – A black tea with aromatic coconut notes. 

● Passionate Prophet – Green tea with a passion fruit infusion. 

● Workingman’s Blend – An everyman’s, rich black tea with a zing. 

● Tropical Weather – A refreshing green and black blend for adventurers at heart. Ramblin’ Apple – A yummy apple tea, with a hint of peach. 

● Minty-O – A freshly calming tea that tastes like freshly picked mint leaves.