Photo by Jake Wisdom via moe.’s Facebook page, from the band’s Oct. 22 show in New Hampshire.

On Oct. 23, moe. kicked off their two-night drive-in run at the Yarmouth Drive-In in Yarmouth, Mass. The band executed a series of smooth transitions and performed songs from their most recent studio record, This Is Not, We Are.

The show began with “Threw It All Away,” which moved into “Plane Crash.” Later in the set, moe. performed a duo of their classic “Akimbo” and “Who You Calling Cared?” from the new record. The set closed with “Downward Facing Dog.”

Set two opened with This Is Not, We Are‘s “Along For The Ride,” which was part of a three songs sequence along with “Annihilation Blues” and “Bring It Back Home.” The set continued with two more pairings, first “Mar-DeMa” > “Billy Goat” and then “Puebla” > “Bearsong.” moe. opted for “Happy Hour Hero” for the encore.

The band returns to the Yarmouth Drive-In tonight, Oct. 24. Like last night, they will be webcasting the show; purchase a pass here.

Check out the full setlist (via moe.’s Facebook page) below!

Oct. 23, 2020
Yarmouth Drive-In, Yarmouth, MA

I: Threw It All Away > Plane Crash, Skrunk > Time Ed, Akimbo > Who You Calling Scared?, Downward Facing Dog
II: Along For The Ride > Annihilation Blues > Bring It Back Home, Mar-DeMa > Billy Goat, Puebla > Bearsong
Enc: Happy Hour Hero