On Oct. 23, Phil Lesh will take the stage for an outdoor “Phil’s Choice Phriday” at Beach Park in San Rafael.

Following a July COVID-19 infection on staff at Lesh’s nearby Terrapin Crossroads, health and safety precautions at this gig will be strictly enforced.

“You must keep your mask on AT ALL TIMES! If you are reminded more than once to put your mask back on, you will be asked to leave without a refund,” reads an official statement. “If you are standing, going to the bar, or going to the bathroom, your face mask MUST BE ON.  Food and drink must be consumed while seated. Masks may be pulled down to eat and drink, but must immediately be put back on as required by the Health Officer Order for Face Coverings. You must always remain 6 feet away while waiting in line to enter the venue, the bathroom, and at the bar.”

Lesh will be backed by Stu Allen, Grahame Lesh and Jason Crosby.

Tickets are already sold-out but you can get more info at TerrapinCrossroads.net.