Photo via @SteveWinwood on FB

Spencer Davis – known for fronting The Spencer Davis Group, and co-writing hits like “Gimmie Some Lovin'” – has died at the age of 81.

Davis formed his namesake group in the early ’60s with keyboardist/vocalist Steve Winwood, bassist Muff Winwood and drummer Pete York.

The group saw success with the aforementioned hit “Gimmie Some Lovin'” as well as numbers like “I’m a Man” and “Keep On Running,” anchored by Winwood’s powerful vocals.

And while Winwood left the group in 1967, Davis remained at the helm, leading them to more success with popular tunes in England like “Time Seller” and “Mr. Second Class.”

A 1969 breakup led to a 1973 reunion with Davis bringing a slightly altered lineup into the mix for 1973’s Gluggo and 1974’s Living in a Back Street.

Most recently, Davis spent the early 2000s touring with yet another iteration of his namesake group.

“Spencer was an early pioneer of the British folk scene, which, in his case embraced folk blues, and eventually what was then called ‘Rhythm and Blues,'” recalled Steve Winwood, following Davis’ passing. “He influenced my tastes in music, he owned the first 12-string guitar I ever saw, and he was taken with the music of Huddie ‘Lead belly’ Ledbetter, and Big Bill Broonzy. I’d already got a big brother who influenced me greatly, and Spencer became like a big brother to me at the time… I feel that he was influential in setting me on the road to becoming a professional musician, and I thank him for that.”

Watch Davis perform “Gimmie Some Lovin'” with the Spencer Davis Group in 1967 below: