On Friday, Oct. 16, FANS will celebrate Bob Weir’s birthday in style, with “Playing in the Band” an all-day livestream featuring “songs, memories, musical selections, and birthday wishes from friends and collaborators.”

Deadheads can tune in to celebrate the Grateful Dead co-founder’s 73rd circle around the sun all day long, as organizers collect donations for the National Independent Talent Organization (NITO).

“To honor this momentous celebration, our hope is to take this opportunity to share some of our favorite memories with Bob Weir over the years,” reads an official description. “Let us reflect and take a look back at some classic performances!”

More details, including an official schedule, will be released soon.

Tune in Friday, Oct. 16 at FANS.live, and be sure to join the official Zoom to “Be In The Stream” and dance along with your fellow music lovers.