Photo credit: Ian Shiver

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Alex Ounsworth) has announced their new album, New Fragility, set to release Jan. 29, 2021. In addition to announcing the album, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah shared two singles: “Hesitating Nation” and “Thousand Oaks.” Videos accompanying these songs will be released next week.

Reflecting on their personal life in relation to our nation’s current political climate, a press release stated that, “New Fragility finds Ounsworth asking the questions that haunt us all. Depression, divorce, getting older, and confronting the past are all raked over, as are the early years of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and the pernicious influence of fame. And with such heartfelt lyrics married to his unique, eclectic music and distinctive voice, it’s another classic entry in the career of one of independent music’s brightest, and most durable, artists.”

Inspired by the quote “You have grown into new fragility,” from the short story “Forever Overhead” by David Foster Wallace which is centered around a teenage boy’s anxiety, Ounsworth’s title track and album is filled with the raw emotion that comes with endings, tragic events, and unstable circumstances.

 “It’s about what I think we’re all experiencing at the moment, certainly here in the United States anyway – trying to move forward amidst an almost cruel uncertainty,” Ounsworth said. 

Listen to “Hesitating Nation” and “Thousand Oaks” HERE.