Photo by Raymond Alva

Keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Cory Henry has announced a new studio record, titled Something To Say. The album is due out on Oct. 30, and it features Henry and his band The Funk Apostles.

According to a press release, “Something To Say tackles subjects like love, breakups, social consciousness, injustices and the effects of being emotionally drained.” Two singles from the record have been release: “Happy Days” and “Rise,” the latter of which is set to appear on ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcasts.

Something To Say marks the studio follow-up to Henry’s 2018 debut record with The Funk Apostles, Art of Love. The band is made up of: Adam Agati (guitar), TaRon Lockett (percussion), Nick Semrad (keyboard) and Sharay Reed (bass).

Listen to “Rise” here and “Happy Days” here.