Phish lyricist Tom Marshall recently had a “blissfully short but sufficiently scary” stint in the hospital this week and is now resting comfortably at home.

The podcaster seemed in good spirits, joking that he’s using the experience to write Phish’s “‘Down With Disease’ sequel,” but also notes that it was the community around the band that helped him in his lowest moments.

The problem seemed to be “a bad bacterial infection in [his] blood which wasn’t treatable by regular broad spectrum antibiotics,” and doctors are still working on narrowing down the cause.

“In other words: still more doctors in the near future,” Marshall explains.

Read his full update below:

My Under the Scales family and Phish family and of course my friends and family: thank you. I am home from a blissfully short but sufficiently scary hospital stay. I’m still on IV antibiotics – they come to teach my wife how to inject me tomorrow – for 11 more days. And yes, of course I’m now writing the Down With Disease sequel. I had a bad bacterial infection in my blood which wasn’t treatable by regular broad spectrum antibiotics. Thankfully I had a great medical team – including the lab technicians behind the scenes who did all the analysis – and they narrowed down the cure before it became more dangerous. We are now still working on the cause…in other words: still more doctors in the near future. I have to say, in my lowest moments, alone in the hospital room, seeing someone send me thoughts, vibes, prayers, “white girl healing crystal energy”, love and light and more…made ALL the difference. It was honestly overwhelming and I know helped get me home so fast. We have an incredible community and sometimes we need to lean on each other, and I leaned hard the past several days — thank you from my heart for being there. Love, Tom