Guitarist Scott Sharrard has announced a weekly livestream series, ‘Scott Sharrard’s American Songbook.’ Each Friday, the guitarist will feature an album in its entirety. The first edition of the series, which aired on June 19, featured Gregg Allman’s Laid Back.

“I hope if it just for an hour this series brings you some peace and comfort,” wrote Sharrard in the description of the event. “Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll be in the comments in real-time chatting about this album.”

“I would like to thank Charlie Martinez, Katie Sexton, Chris Pizzolo, Sara Waber-Pizzolo, Mary Dugas, Rob & Joni Elenson, Chris Caffiero, Roswell Pro Audio, Worn Free, Truefire, and Jams On The Sand for the support,” he continued. Sharrard also included information for a virtual tip jar. “If you’d like to donate to the series you can send us a note at: Venmo: @Scott-Sharrard or PayPal: @ScottSharrard.”

To tune in to upcoming sessions, head to Sharrard’s YouTube channel. Watch the entire first edition below.