Grace Potter has shared a new singer, titled “Eachother,” which she wrote “during the early days of quarantine.” (Quote via press release.) The song features guest vocals from Jackson Browne, Marcus King and Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius. King, along with Jonathan Wilson and Dylan Day, also provides some guitar work.

The song was produced by Eric Valentine, who (in addition to being Potter’s husband) produced her recent album Daylight. Valentine also plays drums on the track, while Alex Proctor provides the bass.

Potter shared a lengthy statement on the inspiration of the song:
“The chorus of the song just kind of exploded out of my heart all at once. It was about five days into the quarantine, and I had just gotten off the phone with a friend who was having a really tough time with the isolation. I was in our living room, watching my son & husband fixing our broken train set and found myself flooded with an overwhelming sense of gratitude & contentment. The onset of COVID-19 was a shock to humanity’s system and has brought on so many reality checks. We may not all be affected in the same ways, but we are all going through this pandemic together as a human race. It is incredibly humbling. It’s invited me to really take account of the things that matter most, which aren’t things at all…they’re people.”

Potter is the cover artist on the Apr./May issue of Relix Magazine. To purchase that issue or subscribe to Relix, head to

Potter shared a performance of the song on her weekly livestream series ‘Monday Twilight Hour.’ Watch a video of this performance below, and listen to or download the song here.