Trey Anastasio continued his string of new quarantine content on Wednesday evening, sharing another new track called “The World is My Home.”

Earlier this week, the Phish guitarist explained why he’s been churning out so much content, writing, “Lots of songs coming out. I hope they provide a bit of joy, or even distraction. The truth is, writing helps me. It feels like connective tissue with our community of friends. Or maybe this is just another addiction? Who knows? It sure as Hell beats ‘that other addiction.’ Which makes me want to say this: For those out there suffering with addiction, You CAN get off drugs. Keep the faith. Life is joyous on the other side. This event could be your salvation if it lights a fire that leads to a life off drugs.”

For “The World is My Home” Anastasio utilizes some DIY percussion via wine glasses and sings, “My world is my home, my home is my world.”

Watch/listen below:

The World is My Home

The World is My HomeBy Trey

Posted by Trey Anastasio on Wednesday, April 8, 2020