In a recent chat with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Mike Gordon opened up about a number things concerning Phish, his namesake solo band and – most notably – his impending reunion with guitarist Leo Kottke.

“We did those two [albums together] and then spent 15 years talking about the next one,” Gordon says with a laugh. “But there were all kinds of things to work through. It just unfolded in such a natural way that now we’re getting closer (to finishing an album). It’s just feeling very organic and pure.”

However, Gordon is also quick to quell his fans’ enthusiasm for the project, “Sometimes I don’t like to talk about it all too much in advance, because people get excited, and it takes so freaking long. But it’s really fun to have a lot of stuff going on.”

For his tour with his solo outfit – guitarist Scott Murawski, keyboardist Robert Walter, drummer John Morgan Kimock and percussionist Craig Myers – the bassist promises “a couple of new originals” and “a couple of new covers.” He also praises Murawski, saying, “Somehow, he’s got a finger or the pulse of the future. He’ll play me something new, and it’s exactly the direction I wanted to be going in. Maybe not always, but it’s really wild how that works.”

Since he was chatting with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Gordon was questioned about Phish’s “Gloria” celebration for the St. Louis Blues on the evening they won the Stanley Cup.

“There was an iPhone or something, and it was plugged in so everybody could hear it,” Gordon says of the team’s victory song. “We learned it and practiced it a little more in our dressing rooms, but that was it. Sometimes we’ve learned songs before encores — after the set and before the encore.”

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