Radiohead have unveiled the brand new ‘Radiohead Public Library’ on, which will serve as “a highly curated and organized archive of the band’s catalogue and corresponding visuals and various artifacts associated with each album.” (Quote via press release.)

The library will include everything from album artwork and official videos to previously out-of-print merchandise that can be custom made on demand. In addition, Radiohead’s members – Thom Yorke, Ed O’Brien, Philip Selway and Colin and Jonny Greenwood – will each serve as the librarian for a day this week (Jan. 20-24), during which they will present a “curated selection of archival material.” (Quote via press release.)

Ed O’Brien was first to occupy the librarian role. He posted some thoughts to the site in which he discussed Radiohead’s appearance at Bonnaroo 2006. “Bonnaroo in 2006 was just a great gig for us, the guitarist wrote. “We knew we were playing a Jam fest and therefore had longer to play, so we did what was probably our longest ever set – near the 3-hour mark. It was a glorious, warm, balmy Southern night, and the groove was good… the audience was incredible. Love and live for nights such as this.”

In honor of the Library’s opening, Radiohead has released a slew of previously unavailable music, including the band’s 1992 debut, the Drill EP, “I Want None of This” from the 2005 charity compilation Help!: A Day in the Life, and the 2011 TKOL RMX 8 remix EP.

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