On Thursday, December 12, New York’s Drom will celebrate the Festival of Lights a few days early, hosting the Play Pre-Hanukkah Smackdown. The multi-band bill will bring together three acts offering a modern twist on traditional Jewish-rooted music: Klezmer-rockers Golem, 10-piece Jewish Afrobeat big band Zion80 and klezmer-bhangra fusion ensemble Sharabi.

Sharabi is slated to kick off the performance at 8 pm, followed by Zion80 at 9 pm and Golem at 10 pm.  Golem and Zio80, who released The Book Beri’ah, Vol. 8: Hodpartnered earlier this year, partnered for a similar Hanukkah show at the venue last December and also performed at Drom during the Jewish holiday of Purim this past winter.