The Black Crowes reunion seems even more imminent as the band’s social media pages and website have been updated with new art.

In a similar fashion to the recent Oysterhead reunion, the new artwork (on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) seems to be a tip that The Brothers Robinson have put their differences aside and will hit the road very soon. The artwork – which presumably shows cartoon crow versions of Rich and Chris Robinson – marks the first post on some of the Black Crowes social channels since 2013.

A few weeks ago, several sources close to the Crowes hinted to the Wall Street Journal that “there might be something in the works” in 2020.

Additionally, in a recent interview with Relix, Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman said, “I think there’s a chance that the brothers will play together again. I would be astounded if they don’t, and I would imagine that it will happen sooner rather than later… However, I’m not gonna play with them for a variety of reasons. Number one: They’re never gonna ask me because I’m not coming back unless I get my equal share. Even if they were to ask me back, though, the chances of me saying yes are infinitesimal.”

This story is still developing…