Neil Young & Crazy Horse will release the new studio album, Colorado, later this month on Oct. 25, and the group is also releasing a companion documentary, Mountaintop, which chronicle’s the creation process for the new effort. Now, Young and company have shared a trailer for the film, along with setting a number of one-night-only screenings of the documentary around the world.

An announcement on Young’s social media calls the film “A raw and unfiltered look at the process of a fifty year old rock and roll band, Crazy Horse, making its first album in 7 years.” Watch the trailer below.

Mountaintop‘s screenings will take place in the U.S. Oct. 22 and the rest of the world Nov. 22. Information on which venues will be showing the film can be found here. A note on Young’s website also hints, “One night only and there is a reason for that. It will be back. Mark my words.”