Photo by Jeremy Gordon via @BrooklynBowl on IG

After five shows featuring all-star guests like Ivan Neville, Oteil Burbridge, Marcus King, John Scofield and George Porter Jr. (among others), Soulive finished their marathon Bowlive run at Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday night.

With multiple horn players on the bill, the gig was a brass-infused bonanza. However, as per tradition, the show started with Soulive proper (Eric Krasno, Alan Evans, Neal Evans) initially taking the stage as a trio. The band played their version of The Beatles “Revolution” as well as originals “Bubble” and “Spark,” before welcoming former Soulive saxophonist Sam Kininger to play on “Hurry Up… and Wait,” “Rudy’s Way” and “Liquid.”

Soulive’s first set ended with Kininger, saxophonist James Casey and trombonist Brian Thomas forming a full brass section for a rocking “Tuesday Night Squad.”

For the second half, Danny Mayer played dueling guitars with Krasno on his own “Curse Lifter” (which famously appears on Derek Truck’s Blood from a Stone record) as well as Jimi Hendrix’s “Manic Depression.” (Mayer previously logged time in Krasno’s namesake solo band.)

The stage then filled up with Mayer, Kininger, Casey and Thomas sitting in for Up Here cut “Backwards Jack.”

For the rest of the set, the brass section stuck around, eventually closing with “Cannonball.”

To end Bowlive VII, the stage was full once again with Mayer, Kininger, Casey and Thomas jamming with Soulive on “Flurries.”

Check out the final Bowlive setlist for 2019 – as it appears in our Box Scores section – below:

Soulive (Bowlive VIII)
July 20, 2019
Brooklyn Bowl, New York

Set I: Revolution, Bubble, Spark, Hurry Up… and Wait^, Rudy’s Way^, Liquid^, Tuesday Night Squad^%

Set II: Curse Lifter*, Manic Depression*, Backwards Jack*^%, Up Right^%, Hat Trick^%, PJ’s^%, Cannonball^%

Enc: Flurries*^%

^with Sam Kinninger (sax)
*with Danny Mayer (guitar)
%with James Casey (sax) and Brian Thomas (trombone)