Chan Kinchla and G. Love in Connecticut via @BluesTraveler on IG

moe., Blues Traveler and G. Love’s “All Roads Runaround” tour made a stop in Walingford, Conn. on Saturday night, continuing their trend of fun, collaborative sets, punctuated by covers of landmark acts like Pink Floyd and The Band.

After Blues Traveler played a set of live favorites, leading sing-a-longs of hits like “Hook,” the show’s aforementioned collaborative set kicked things into overdrive, with an opening take on BT’s “Alone” (featuring Ben Wilson and John Popper of Blues Traveler as well as Al Schnier and Jim Loughlin of moe.)

An emotive version of Pink Floyd’s “Fearless” came next, with Wilson and BT bandmate Brendan Hill jamming with the entire moe. lineup.

That lineup remained intact for the following cover of The Band’s “Ophelia” – save for Wilson swapping out for Blues Traveler guitarist Chan Kinchla – and after G. Love led a fun “G. Love Jam,” all three acts closed the set with summertime favorite “What I Got” by Sublime.

moe.’s solo set, on the other hand, saw them stretching out more jams. After an opening “Plane Crash,” they segued through “LL3″> “George,” and later closed with a three-part “Not Coming Down”> “Wormwood”> “32 Things” segment. Bringing back the theme of the opening “Plan Crash,” they closed with “Tailspin.”

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Check out the full setlists – as they appear in our Box Scores section – below:

July 20, 2019
Oakdale Theatre ~ Wallingford, CT

Plane Crash, LL3 > George, Don’t Wanna Be, Not Coming Down > Wormwood > 32 Things

Enc: Tailspin

moe. / Blues Traveler / G. Love

Alone*, Fearless**, Ophelia^, G. Love Jam^^, What I Got%

*with Ben Wilson, Al Schnier, Jim Loughlin, John Popper
**with all members of moe. & Ben Wilson, Brendan Hill
^ with all members of moe. & Ben Wilson, Chan Kinchla
^^with Ben Wilson, Brendan Hill, Chuck Garvey, Tad Kinchla, Jim Loughlin, John Popper, G. Love
%with all members of moe., Blues Traveler, and G. Love